Voyeurism: Porn’s Latest Trend is Turning Pornstars into Reality Stars

Whether you’re comfortable with it or not, facts is facts, and the Porn industry drives most of the technological innovation that we enjoy today, and voyeurism porn is the next frontier.

What do streaming video, keyword searches, even the technology that allows you to pay for things online with a credit card all have in common? Yup. You guessed it- these are all technological innovations that were driven by the porn industry. Voyeurism has always been an aspect of any porn you watch. Hey, we’re not judging. It’s pretty sexy to watch other people having sex. And the porn industry (obviously) knows this. Porn industry execs know exactly what it is that turn people on and what makes them tick. What they’ve found recently may surprise you.

Porn is getting a makeover with voyeurism porn, and people are loving it. We take a look at one of the hottest new websites, Voyeur House, to find out exactly why this trend is setting the sexual world on fire- all over again.

What is Voyeurism Porn?

Voyeurism porn is a type of niche pornography that is completely unscripted and usually streamed live. At Voyeurhouse.com, cameras are set up throughout people’s homes, allowing members to view what happens behind closed doors anytime they’d like. Voyeur House’s tenants are all aware that they are being filmed, but go on about their daily lives with little to no acknowledgement to the fact that their every move is there for your viewing pleasure.

Not knowing what will happen is part of the intrigue. Watching someone go from brushing their teeth, to getting bent over the bathroom sink and fucked from behind, and then back to shower and prepare for their day has a steamy appeal that can moisten even the driest panties.

What Makes Voyeurism Porn Different?

Alright- I don’t know about you guys, but when is the last time you actually sat down and watched an entire porno? If you’re anything like me, you fast forward to the part where the busty housewife is getting railed by the pizza delivery boy (or was it the handyman?). The point is, I don’t know of anyone who actually gives a shit about whatever thin and poorly acted plot line is being depicted in a skin flick. I just want to see the skin.

That being said, there is something deeply erotic about watching a real life couple cook dinner with each other, snuggle in for a movie, and then fuck themselves lovingly to sleep. The sex isn’t insane, there’s not close up shots that make me feel like an amateur proctologist- it’s just watching two people, who are completely relatable, have realistic, loving, dirty, angry, sweet, sad real sex. The buildup isn’t ridiculous, and nothing about the situations are forced.

What Sets Voyeurhouse.com Apart?

Voyeur House follows the lives of eight couples and one sexy single. Voyeur House live cameras follow people from all over the world, not just from one country or another, which gives the viewer the rare opportunity to not only see how people live in other countries, but how they relax, and definitely how they fuck. Ever wonder what happens when two incredibly gorgeous French women are left to their own devices? Voyeur House has you covered.

Voyeur House also offers its members a 24-hour replay, which can catch you up on the any of the steamiest moments you may have missed. Fear not, even though you may have been sleeping- Voyeur House’s night vision cameras have not been. They also showcase the most popular and hottest cams, making it super simple to navigate to the scene you want to see most. If you’re in a bit of a rush, or looking for something in particular, check out their archives section which houses the greatest sex scenes and fuck fests that have happened in front of any of the voyeur house cams at any time.

Watch as your favorite reality stars become your favorite porn stars. Don’t be afraid of getting to know your favorite voyeur house couples by watching them go about their days, talk about their dreams, or make up for the fight they just had in the kitchen. Voyeur House offers viewers the opportunity to be a part of people’s lives, not just their sex, which makes the viewing all the more pleasurable.

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