How to Surprise Him Tonight?

If you have not been enjoying your intimate life with your partner anymore, it is not time to breakup. People who go separate ways just because they have stopped having fun in bed are absolutely wrong. They leave each other just because they don’t have good sexual life anymore. However, the truth is that if you guys still love each other, there are ways to enhance your sexual life for sure. You just have to find ways to bring some spice into your intimate life and you would never want to leave each other.

Let’s say you do something really special for him and find out if you can bring back the lost chemistry between the two of you.

Have you ever heard of Fox tail butt plugs? Yes – they go into your butt and let you have a tail of your own; this tail is artificial for sure, but the way it looks is not only sexy, but also tempting enough for the two of you. If he has always dreamt of seeing the wilder side of you, maybe it is time for you to turn into a fox for him!

So how to surprise him tonight?

If you can visit a land based store to buy a good Fox tail plug, well and good. If not, you can always check all those awesome e-stores that deal with adult sex toys. The moment you find one of the finest quality fox tail butt plug for yourself, you know you’ve got an incredible thing to turn him on.

We say you bring some flowers and pluck their petals. Place them in a glass bowl and take them to your bedroom. Spread the rose petals on the bed and light some incense sticks that have always gotten him in the right mood. If you think incense sticks are way too decent, you can always go for a bunch of potpourri from malls and place them next to your bed. Now get in the mood to insert the butt plug. However, before you do that, make sure you are dressed in lingerie he has never seen before. Buying lingerie is an exciting thing. Once you have that perfect thing to wear, get into it and start putting the butt plug into you. When he returns, make sure he is welcomed by a wild fox waiting to be explored in a new way by him!

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