Year: 2019

What is Asexuality?

When we talk about sex, people normally like to focus on the joy and pleasure it brings along. However, did you know that there are also people in this world who do not feel any sexual attraction at all? That’s […]

Sexual domination: all about soft sado-masochism

Sado-masochism (or SM) is a sexual practice punctuated by dominant/dominated relationships. You want to introduce you to bondage, integrate handcuffs or spanking in your sexual encounters? Here is a guide to discovering step by step the techniques of SM soft […]

Erectile dysfunction can be treated now

Erectile dysfunction is a restorative issue in men. It is very basic these days. In this issue, men can’t keep an erection for an unequivocal timeframe. As such, effective intercourse would not occur. Impotence is another name for this disease. […]